The rCUDA team is pleased to announce the release of a new version of rCUDA next week. The new rCUDA 4.2 supports CUDA 6.0 and provides complete support for the CUSPARSE routines. Also, a new stream management has been included as well as fixing minors bugs.

The rCUDA team is glad to announce that its last research results were presented at the Fourth ENERGY Conference celebrated in Chamonix (France). The presented paper, titled "On the Use of Remote GPUs and Low-Power Processors for the Acceleration of Scientific Applications", showed the possibilities that remote GPU virtualization technologies offer when used with low-power processors. The paper was awarded with the Best Paper Award.

The rCUDA Team is pleased to announce the release of the new rCUDA 4.1 version. In addition to fix some bugs related with asynchronous memory transfers, the new release provides support for:

-CUDA 5.5 Runtime API
-Mellanox Connect-IB network adapters
-Dynamic Parallelism
-cuFFT and cuBLAS libraries

rCUDA was presented last week at Lugano (Switzerland) in the HPC Advisory Council Conference that took place from 31st March to 3rd April. In addition to the presentation, a hands on session about rCUDA was also provided. You can additionally find the videos of the presentation and hands on session here.

We are pleased to provide you the link to the rCUDA presentation made in the Mellanox theatre during the Supercomputing Conference 2013 in Denver, CO, last November. The presentation was titled "rCUDA: Share and Aggregate GPUs in Your Cluster", and provided a quick overview of the main features of rCUDA. You can find the presentation here.