The rCUDA Team has completed the development within rCUDA of the support to perform direct memory copies between GPUs located at different nodes of the cluster. This support will be included in the next release of rCUDA as well as support for CUDA 8.0

If you are attending ISC 2016, please feel free to come to the Mellanox booth and experience the new rCUDA demos. The rCUDA Team will be glad to explain you the rCUDA technology.

Come during next ISC 2016 in Frankfurt to the Mellanox' booth to learn about the last developments on the rCUDA technology. Find out about the new rCUDA company providing technical support to rCUDA customers.

A new version of the rCUDA middleware will be released during the ISC 2016 conference this week. The new version (v16.06) supports CUDA 7.5, including the latest version of the cuDNN library.

Federico Silla presented the rCUDA technology at the HPC Knowledge Meeting'16, held in Barcelona, Spain, during 20-21 April 2016. You can find the slides of the presentation here. A video recording is available here.