The rCUDA Team is proud to announce a new and revolutionary version of the rCUDA framework which will include many new functionalities as well as boosted performance. This new version, cooked for over a year, will incorporate pipelined transfers, full multi-thread and multi-node capabilities, CUDA 4.1 support, global scheduler integration, support for CUDA C extensions, and native InfiniBand support.

The capabilities of this new version were presented in the HPC Advisory Council Switzerland Conference 2012, where a live demonstration was played, letting the LAMMPS simulator accessing 12 GPUs spread across a cluster from a single node.

This version will be released under non-free license, although we will keep on maintaining the free version as usual. We estimate this new version to be available for free early testing on July 1st, althoug only selected institutions will be eligible for this purpose. If you are interested in early testing the new rCUDA, please proceed to the "Contact us" section and let us know.

In our eagerness to overcome the eventual issues rCUDA users might find, we have introduced a new section on our website, in which you will find:

- Frequently asked questions (FAQs), where we will be adding more issues consulted by our users.


- A list of links to papers and magazines where you can find references to solutions and technical documentation on rCUDA.


- A forum where users can exchange ideas, problems and solutions, new approaches and everything that comes to mind regarding rCUDA.

We hope the new section is helpful for those interested in rCUDA.

                                   The rCUDA Team 

Members of The rCUDA Team will present rCUDA latest news and practical information at The HPC Advisory Council Switzerland Conference 2012, to be held in Lugano, Switzerland from 13th to 15th of March. The presentation will be entitled "Accelerations hands-on: rCUDA, an approach to provide remote access to GPU computational power", and will take place on March 14th from 16:45 to 18:00.

HPC Advisory Council

rCUDA has been updated to v. 3.1.2, which runs CUDA 4.1.

The new version 3.1.1 of rCUDA is now available. Release highlights:

*Fully updated API to CUDA 4.0 (added support for modules "Peer Device Memory Access" and "Unified Addressing").
*Fixed low level Surface Reference management functions.
*Added complete support for simple precision CUBLAS routines.