The new features of rCUDA 4 were presented at HPC Advisory Council Spain Conference 2012 held in Málaga on September 13th 2012.

The slides of the presentation are available here.

HPC Advisory Council Spain Conference 2012

An alpha version of the announced renewed rCUDA has been released. This
version incorporates many brand-new features, such as native InfiniBand support
and enhanced data transfers. Further information is available in the Latest
Release section.

If you are attending ISC'12 (Hamburg, Germany), don't miss the live demonstration of the upcoming extended version of rCUDA over InfiniBand networks at Mellanox's booth.

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The rCUDA Team is glad to announce a change in the distribution policy for the next and disruptive rCUDA version. It will include many new functionalities, as well as boosted performance.

This new version, cooked for over a year, will incorporate pipelined transfers, full multi-thread and multi-node capabilities, CUDA 5
support, support for CUDA C extensions, and native InfiniBand support.

The upcoming rCUDA version, successfully demonstrated at the last ISC'12 at Hamburg, Germany, will be released in July.

Although it was previously announced to be released under commercial license here, this new version will supersede the current version and will be distributed for free. Registered rCUDA users will receive the update as usual.

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A testing version of rCUDA for Windows has been released and can be obtained via our "Software Request Form".