The rCUDA team is glad to announce that its remote GPU virtualization middleware has been successfully tested with the new NVIDIA's K40 Tesla GPU. We are conducting several performance tests and will provide results very soon.

The rCUDA team will provide a 15 minutes talk about its remote GPU virtualization technology on Thursday, November 21 at 11:45am at Mellanox Technologies booth #2722 at SC13 in Denver, CO. Please come to the talk and see how rCUDA can reduce the cost of your computing equipment.

We are showing the rCUDA technology at SC13 these days, including a new live demo comparing the performance of CUDA and rCUDA on real time. If you are at SC13, feel free to come and visit us.


Supercomputing 2013 rCUDA demo

If you missed the rCUDA presentation at SC13 last week, you can still take a look at it at our presentation repository. You can also download the white papers presented during the show about the use of rCUDA with SLURM, GPUDirect RDMA, ARM, several applications and also FAQs.

rcuda SC2013

In addition to the rCUDA demo that you can attend next week at Mellanox Technologies booth #2722 at SC13 in Denver, CO, we will we glad to answer your questions about this remote GPU virtualization technology. Furthermore, in order to help you better understanding rCUDA, we have prepared several white papers, which will be available at SC13. You can see one of them at our "Support" tab in this website.