The rCUDA Team is very happy to inform that we continue making progress with the new version of rCUDA. Our latest achievement is that TensorFlow is starting to work with rCUDA. We have been able to successfully execute a few samples, such as Inception or Cifar10, using one remote GPU, two remote GPUs located in the same server, and two remote GPUs located at different servers. More work and testing is still required to make TensorFlow work with rCUDA reliably. In any case, we tried with TensorFlow 1.12, which is the latest version of TensorFlow using CUDA 9.0 (we are focusing on completing the development of rCUDA for CUDA 9.0 before trying newer CUDA versions). We are confident that newer versions of TensorFlow, such as 1.13 or 1.14, will work once we upgrade rCUDA to support CUDA 10.x. Final step will be making TensorFlow 2.x work with rCUDA. This final step is still far away in the horizon.