The rCUDA Team is happy to inform that the development of the new rCUDA version is making good progress. By using the new rCUDA version, we have been able to reliably execute our entire set of almost 300 synthetic samples designed to stress specific features of CUDA in extreme conditions. Also, we have been able to reliably execute 88 of the samples included in the CUDA package, such as BiCGStab, BlackScholes, MonteCarloMultiGPU, etc. These tests have been conducted using one remote GPU and also, for those samples able to use more than one GPU, we have used two remote GPUs located either in one or in two different servers. Different GPU generations were used in the tests (K20, K40, K80, P100, V100). Moreover, some applications are starting to work with rCUDA. For instance, we have been able to execute the Gromacs application. We expect the list of applications to grow in the next weeks.