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What's new in rCUDA 18.03beta?

The most important changes in this new version of rCUDA are:

    • The architecture of the rCUDA server has been renewed from scratch in order to provide full support to multi-threaded applications
    • The rCUDA daemon now makes a better use of the GPU memory, allowing more memory for applications
    • Support for functions in the Driver API has been improved
    • Management module is now supported
    • Support for Deep Learning frameworks such as TensorFlow (v1.2 and v1.3) or Caffe has been introduced
    • Rendering programs such as Blender are now supported
    • Support for the cuSOLVER, cuBLAS-XT and NVGRAPH libraries has been introduced
    • The NPP library is partially supported
    • Version 6.0 of the cuDNN library is now supported
    • The rCUDA server uses now a single TCP port to provide service to all clients. The need to shut down the firewall at the server node has therefore been removed
    • The RCUDAPROTO environment variable has been replaced by the RCUDA_NETWORK environment variable. Please update the scripts you used with previous versions of rCUDA

The rCUDA Team hopes that you enjoy this new version of the rCUDA technology!

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