rCUDA achieves maximum performance with the new Mellanox Connect-IB cards

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The performance tests carried out by the rCUDA team leveraging the new Connect-IB cards, along with the new NVIDIA Tesla K40 GPU, revealed that rCUDA is able to provide almost the same bandwidth as original CUDA. Our testbed was composed of two Ivy Bridge Xeon based computers equipped with the new dual-port Mellanox Connect-IB cards and a K40 Tesla GPU installed in one of the systems. In this hardware configuration, the maximum data transfer rate achieved by the bandwidthTest benchmark from the NVIDIA CUDA Samples when using local CUDA was 10.06GB/s. In the case of using rCUDA to transfer data from main memory of one computer to the GPU installed in the other computer, the same bandwidthTest benchmark achieved a maximum data transfer rate of 9.91GB/s. This means that rCUDA is able to attain 98.5% of CUDA’s bandwidth, thus introducing a negligible performance loss.

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