The new ARM version of rCUDA has been tested with LAMMPS and CUDASW++

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The rCUDA remote GPU virtualization technology, whose last release also supports the ARM processor architecture, has been now leveraged to execute the LAMMPS and CUDASW++ applications in ARM-based systems. More specifically, the Tegra 3 ARM Cortex A9 quad-core CPUs (1.4 GHz) present in the NVIDIA Development Kits CARMA and KAYLA have been used to execute the CPU code of these applications, whereas the GPU code has been offloaded to an NVIDIA GeForce GTX480 “Fermi” GPU installed in a remote regular Xeon-based system. Results clearly show that by using rCUDA and remote accelerators, noticeable performance improvements are achieved over using the local NVIDIA Quadro 1000M GPU already present in the CARMA system, despite of using a traditional 1Gbps Ethernet network.

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